TCPA FCC Declaratory Ruling

On Friday July 10th 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its anticipated Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Declaratory Ruling. The FCC Declaratory Ruling, which became effective immediately upon release, was approved by a 3-2 vote during last month’s highly contentious public meeting.

As part of the Ruling, the FCC:

Compliance Meter-FCC Declaratory Ruling

  • Expanded the definition of “automatic telephone dialing system” (ATDS) to include equipment with the potential ability to perform the functions of an ATDS;
  • Held that a caller violates the TCPA by making more than one call to a reassigned number unless the current subscriber or customary user of the phone consented to receive such calls;
  • Reiterated their prior rulings regarding what constitutes “prior express consent” for non-telemarketing calls;
  • Clarified that a person can revoke consent to receive calls in any reasonable manner and that businesses cannot limit the method or medium by which consent can be revoked;
  • Provided guidance regarding when certain types of application or service providers may be held liable for unlawful calls made by their customers;
  • Reiterated that text messages are considered calls under the TCPA;
  • Held that Internet-to-phone text messages are also covered by the TCPA;
  • Held that a one-time text message sent immediately after a consumer’s request for the text does not violate the TCPA;
  • Provided specific petitioners a waiver—both retroactively and for 89 days after the Ruling—for calls made pursuant to written consent obtained prior to October 16, 2013 (even if the disclosures mandated by the amended TCPA regulations were not given);
  • Provided a limited exemption for certain time-sensitive financial and healthcare calls; and
  • Clarified that telephone companies and VoIP providers can provide robocall blocking technologies to consumers.

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How to Create a Local Presence for Your Business

How to Create a Local Presence for Your Business When Making Outbound Telephone Calls

Map with pinpoints showing Local Presence can be created across mapBefore using Local Caller ID numbers to create a Local Presence, one should have a well-developed strategy. Without a strategy you may fool people to pick up the phone once or twice but this will become a short lived bump in answer rates, and probably won’t lead to many sales conversions. When you use Local Presence strategically, you will end up with both a lift in answer rate and more sales conversions. That’s what we really want.

In the old days of telemarketing we had an expression – “throw enough spaghetti against the wall and some of it will stick”. This won’t work anymore. Using Local Caller ID numbers to create a Local Presence by itself is just that same old – “Fool me once but not twice”. Continue reading

Quality Voice & Data | 2015 PACE Convention and Expo!

PACE Convention & Expo 2015 Creating an Effortless Customer Experience

Join the Quality Voice & Data team at the 2015 PACE Annual Convention and Expo that will be held April 19th – 22nd at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, GA.  Come speak with Dean Garfinkel, President of Quality Voice & Data and learn about the exciting new products QVD has to offer!

PACE has assembled an impressive line-up of speakers for the Convention that coincides with their theme “Creating an Effortless Customer Experience”.  Executives and thought leaders – from companies like Zappos and CEB –  who are shaping and innovating the world of customer engagement will not only lead informative sessions, but will also be available in person throughout the convention.  PACE is the only association that brings this kind of leadership directly to you!

Visit to view the Convention Brochure and see the complete line-up of sessions, speakers and networking opportunities as well as to register for the 2015 PACE Convention and Expo!

Are you going to the 2015 PACE Annual Convention and Expo? Call Kelsey at 516-656-5122 to let us know, we’d love to catch up with you!

Local Caller ID Increased Clients Answer Rate

The Story

The Problem

This is an actual client success story.  The client markets its services to consumers in the lower 48 states.  Outbound B to C telemarketing is the primary sales channel used by the organization.  The outbound telemarketing manager was challenged with decreasing outbound telemarketing answer rates, which was ultimately impacting contacts per hour and list penetration on their campaigns.

The company told Quality Voice & Data, “Of the various options that were on the table, we knew we needed to find a way to increase our outbound telemarketing call answer rate and sales.  Otherwise, the cost per sale for the telemarketing channel was going to be prohibitive”.  Quality Voice & Data’s Local Caller ID solution was selected for a test. Continue reading

Director of Enhanced Telecom Services is Appointed

Kelsey Olsen

Quality Voice & Data, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of veteran employee Kelsey Olsen to the position of Director of Enhanced Telecom Services.  Kelsey will be responsible for the company’s telecom service offerings under the Quality Voice & Data brand as well as the company’s telecom infrastructure.

“We have a made a significant investment in our telecom infrastructure that included the installation of a feature rich Class 5 switch that will augment our existing Class 4 switch and network.  In addition the company has increased its underlying carrier network to include over 6 major diverse and redundant routes that include over 100,000 telephone numbers.  Operating a contact center in today’s environment requires the ability to deliver new application that go far beyond the ability to make and receive telephone calls. Enhanced Routing, SMS TXT, IVR, Automated DNC Collection systems, Click to Call and Enhanced Local Caller ID services are some of these new drivers” explains Dean Garfinkel, Principle.  “This installation is phase two following last year’s deployment of a best in class cloud-based Noble Systems dialer and the company’s PCI Level 1 certification.  The integration of these two environments gives us the ability to deliver contact center programs that maximizes every client contact” explains Garfinkel, Principal. Continue reading

Ten Years of Do Not Call


It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a decade since the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry was established.  In fact, on June 27, 2013, it will be ten years exactly.  The FTC has been busy fulfilling all those online and IVR requests.  In the first year alone, 62 million phone numbers were added to the National DNC Registry.  Today the list includes more than 200 million phone numbers.

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New Cloud Based BrandGuard Solution


Aurora, NE – (May 17, 2013) – Quality Voice & Data, Inc. (QVD) has announced a new solution designed for sellers with in-house telemarketing operations and their vendors.  Designed to protect the seller’s brand, increase campaign answer rates, provide upsell opportunities, minimize DNC opt-out and centralize DNC collection, BrandGuard Connect is composed of three services.  BrandGuard CallerID increases answer rates as much as 30% by displaying the seller’s brand name and a local phone number on Caller ID.  BrandGuard Message Pro reduces DNC requests by as much as 25% with customized effective messaging.  Brand Guard IVR provides customers with a great experience when they call back, providing options for a live agent and centralized DNC collection.  Sellers take control over how CallerID-Generated callbacks are handled across the enterprise. Continue reading

Director of Implementation is Appointed

Aurora, NE – (November 15, 2012) – Dean Garfinkel, President of Quality Voice & Data (QVD), is pleased to welcome Rich Hamilton as it’s Director of Implementation and Team Improvement Leader.  This newly created position is an essential component of QVD’s growth strategy.  “We have experienced significant growth in 2012 which led us to evaluate where we needed additional human capital.  Rich’s past experiences and his out of the box thinking will help us embrace new technologies, techniques and processes that will enable all of s to be more effective for our customers, both new and existing” remarked Dean Garfinkel at a recent QVD team leader meeting.

Mr.Hamilton will oversee the implemenation of all new programs as well as managing the continuous improvement process of existing programs.  In addition he will be responsible for overseeing all training and employee development efforts. One of our core principles is a commitment to enhanced training for all of our employees, at every level within our organization. Rich comes to QVD with more than 8 years of experience working in and managing a variety of mid to large call centers.  His career began as so many in our industry, as a call center agent. After finishing his degree, Rich was drawn back to the contact center industry and worked his way up through several different positions.  Through Rich’s creativity and ability to lead, time and time again, he has successfully managed the implementation of various new technologies, processes, procedures and projects.  Rich has successfully integrated social media into the contact center, reducing FTE’s, producing real ROI for clients.  Rich has a B.S. in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing.

Dean Garfinkel Named Treasurer of ATA

Aurora, Nebraska – Quality Voice & Data’ President, Dean Garfinkel has been selected to serve as Treasurer of the American Teleservices Association (ATA). In his new capacity as an Officer and Treasurer of the association Dean will continue to serve the membership promoting the channel. As an eight year veteran of the National Board of Directors he has been instrumental in developing and implementing the Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO), which has been credited by the Federal Trade Commission as a positive step in the teleservices industry in addition to many other board initiatives.

Well-known within the telecommunications and teleservices industries, Dean has more than 30 years experience in a wide-range of technologies, including TDM, SS7, IP, SIP, WIFI and Wireless, and specializes in value-added solution development. Garfinkel invented TeleBlock®, a patented call routing system, which has become a national telecom standard and is sold by telecom carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Qwest and PaeTec. He is a leading expert on telecommunications, CallerID and Do Not Call compliance, and is a regular speaker within the industry circuit.

About the American Teleservices Association:

The ATA is the only non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of companies that utilize call centers as an integral channel of operations. Founded in 1983, ATA represents more than 4,000 contact centers that account for over 1.8 million professionals worldwide. For more information at the ATA, please visit

Using Local Caller ID for outbound telemarketing campaigns

By Dean Garfinkel

If your outbound telemarketing campaigns, whether B2B or B2C, are still using 8XX numbers as Caller ID then you are missing the proverbial boat, and by the way “yachts don’t suck”.

You listen to hours of recordings, schedule painful coaching sessions, constant rewriting of the pitch, your chanting the mantra “Improve Performance, Improve Performance” to bed, all to move the needle another increment. Remember when the first predictive dialer hit our industry? Boy did the needle jump. WOW! Well now there is another new technology that is causing the needle to jump again. (WOW! Again) Continue reading