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Free Caller ID Testing service to understand the reputation for any US/CA phone numbers.

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Why Caller ID Reputation Matters?

Numbers marked as Spam by carriers show up as   “Spam Likely”. This can impact your sales teams’ answer rates by up to 50%.

Quality Voice Data is the leader in Caller Id Reputation Management and offers a free solution for one-off point-in-time health checks for phone numbers.


Why Does My CallerID Show Up As Spam Likely?

Business phone numbers are often flagged as "spam likely" due to precautionary steps taken by phone carriers and third-party applications to reduce the number of unauthorized calls. However, problems can arise when businesses' are mistaken as spam. Furthermore, if a business number has been exploited in a spoofing attack, or reported as a nuisance by a consumer after an undesirable encounter, it could be tagged as a potential spam risk.

As an authorized STIR/SHAKEN service provider, we assist businesses in bypassing their 'spam likely' tagging by providing A-level attestation for outbound calls, confirming the caller's right to use that number and adding credibility to the calls. 

We also work with our clients on a dialing strategy to help reduce the likelihood of being marked as spam.

How To Test Your Caller Id?

Proactively managing your business' Caller ID can mitigate issues such as incorrect identification, i.e., displaying as "unknown," "scam likely," or even the wrong name - problems particularly prevalent amongst smaller businesses. Alternatively, passive resolution may involve waiting for customers to flag inaccuracies, although this is hardly optimal.

Self-testing requires you to call a phone for each individual carrier you want to monitor to ensure your business name  is displaying correctly. Given the dynamic nature of the telecom industry, this can be a somewhat unreliable method.

Alternatively, this free Caller ID Testing provide real-time results blending scores across a number of 3rd party source to provide reliable scores.

Partnering with professional SHAKEN Authorized service providers like Quality Voice & Data, who offer automated alert and remediation systems for ongoing Caller ID health and delivery monitoring, remains the most robust solution.

Who is Quality Voice & Data?


Quality Voice & Data (QVD) is a Telecom industry leader with 180+ awards led by nationally recognized industry experts each with 30+ years of experience.

As an authorized SHAKEN Service Provider Company, they specialize in providing reputation based telecom services. Their propriety technology, and deep-rooted experience within the industry enables them to digitally sign & deliver calls with full attestation

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