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Outbound Caller ID Numbers for Sale, including Local Caller ID Numbers

Local Caller ID Numbers increases outbound call answer rates

With a robust inventory of our TCC local Caller ID telephone numbers in every market, you are guaranteed a better outbound call program answer rate.

Our inventory of telephone numbers are fully vetted both ensuring they have rested at least one year, checked in real time as they are provisioned, not to have a negative reputation and include CNAM “caller name display” storage at no additional cost.

Learn why Quality Voice & Data is the Outbound Caller ID Numbers for sale resource for the largest call centers and outbound telemarketing companies in the USA market. 

Robust Inventory
Access to Local Caller ID numbers in every market in the United States and Canada, including Puerto Rico. Local Caller IDs ensure a higher answer rate vs. non-local Caller IDs.
Clean Caller ID Numbers
Each new Caller ID Number assigned to a customer is guaranteed to be a clean number. Each number is rested for a minimum of one year and checked in real time as they are provisioned.
CNAM Storage
Each Caller ID Number is stored in the National CNAM Database to ensure a positive reputation when paired with outbound calling best practices.
Professional Consultation
Our team of Caller ID and outbound call experts will provide a no-cost consultation to recommend which best practices are utilized for each client program.
Using proprietary data sources and methodology, we monitor each Caller ID number’s results in real- time. If a number has low performance, we proactively replace the number.
It happens. If you have an important number that has been blocked or labeled unfairly, our team of experts will work to repair the reputation of the number.


  • What is answer rate?

    Answer rate is defined as the number of answered calls divided by the number of call attempts.  For example, let’s say that your dialer report shows 1000 calls answered and 25,000 call attempts.  1000 divided by 25,000 equals a 4% answer rate.  

  • What is a good answer rate range?

    If you’re using Local Caller ID numbers and if you’re utilizing a service like Trusted Call Completion from Quality Voice & Data, a good outbound call answer rate is 15% to as high as 50%.  It really depends on the quality of your list and the company that you partner with for your Caller ID numbers, Monitoring & Remediation of those Caller ID numbers, and the SIP provider you utilize.   With each new client, our team provides a no-cost consultation that ensures best practices are utilized for each client program.

What is included in the QVD Local Caller ID service?

We have hundreds of thousands of clean local caller ID numbers available in every market all rested for a minimum of one year.  Just give us a list of the phone numbers you want to call and our team will recommend how many unique local caller ID numbers you need, and it which markets, to ensure the highest outbound call answer rate.  All numbers are vetted in real time during the provisioning process not to have a negative reputation score.


Once a number is assigned to you, we ensure the name is updated in the national CNAM database.  And we immediately begin monitoring the phone number utilizing our proven methodology.  And if a local Caller ID number is labeled as Spam or blocked by a carrier, we will notify you and can even automatically replace the affected number.  We call this add-on service Monitoring & Remediation


Last, if you choose to utilize our elastic SIP trunking, we will also monitor your outbound call answer rate – by CID.

A full reporting package is provided for each SIP client ALOC, Answer rate by CID, density match and more.
Google Verify is provided at no additional fee.
Our Switch can even send “Notifications” or “Branded API” calls to your mobile app.
STIR/SHAKEN with an A Attestation on every call.
Delivered checkmarks on TMO, Verizon & AT&T cell phones.

Let us discuss your specific, unique needs with you today.  Click here to schedule a call with Steve Eveland, VP of Sales.

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