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      delivers creative & insightful tips. Stay up to date with the latest in outbound calling strategies & the STIR/SHAKEN Framework.
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      Is Your Telephone Carrier SHAKEN your Leg?

      By Dean Garfinkel Are your calls being tokenized? Yes, your carrier says!  But wait, are your tokens being delivered to the carriers that count?  That is the question. Most carriers ...
      November 03, 2021 / 0
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      How STIR/SHAKEN Helps Get Customers to Answer Your Calls

      What do you do when your phone rings with an unknown number on your caller ID? Could it be the Neweegan Prince calling with instructions to claim your riches from a distant ...
      October 05, 2021 / 0
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      How STIR/SHAKEN Helps Call Centers Increase Answer Rates & Protect Their Brand Reputation

      Today I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. Like most of us do, I declined the call. Thirty seconds later, my phone chimed, indicating that I had ...
      July 28, 2021 / 0