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The TRACED ACT is rapidly changing how carriers and call centers operate. It requires full network adoption of STIR/SHAKEN by all carriers in 2021 and directly influences your contact rates.  

Why Contact Rates Continue to Drop

Did you know there are three different levels of attestation, and each level indicates a different degree of trustworthiness regarding the call’s source? 

It is a critical data point that directly impacts how your calls are labeled – or potentially, mislabeled and blocked. And as more carriers take the necessary steps to adapt, it is increasingly likely your answer rates will continue to drop.  


What Every Call Center Needs to Know

At the recent PACE ACX/Regulatory Summit, Dean Garfinkel joined a panel of industry leading experts to discuss call authentication under the STIR/SHAKEN framework.  And more specifically, what this means for call centers nation-wide.

Garfinkel, who is President of Quality Voice & Data – an Authorized Shaken Service Provider – kicked off the panel with a brief presentation addressing why contact rates continue to drop.  

Members of the October 6th Panel, “STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication” also discussed a variety of topics, from how to bridge the attestation gap to the ever-evolving STIR/SHAKEN standards and progress on deployment.  Watch the video below to learn more.  A recording of the panel discussion is also available, here.  


The STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Panel

Date: Tue, Oct 6th, 2020
Key Words: Stir/Shaken, TCPA
Participants: Quality Voice & Data, Neustar, Numeracle, TransNexus, Noble Systems