QVD Launches Standalone Non-ATDS Telephone

Standalone Non-ATDS Telephone Ensures Compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

AURORA, NE – (September 13, 2016) – Quality Voice & Data, Inc. (QVD) has launched a standalone non-ATDS “Compliance Phone”.  The Compliance PhoneTM was designed to ensure compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) rules for placing calls to wireless phone numbers.  Specifically, sellers do not need prior express written consent (PEWC) to call their customers, former customers, or even prospects when using this phone device.  The Compliance Phone is being introduced to the mass market during the Professional Association for Customer Engagement TCPA Summit, September 18-20, 2016 at the W hotel in Washington DC.

“We have been offering enhanced telecom solutions for about 8 years and we identified that there was a need for a very simple, easy-to-implement telephone that sits on a desk and allows the user to place calls to any type of phone number (including wireless numbers) in a manner that is compliant with the TCPA,” stated Dean Garfinkel, Quality Voice & Data’s President.  Garfinkel added, “There are many dialer and PBX solutions available, but nothing that is designed for a single user or for single users distributed across disparate locations.”

With the increase in TCPA class action lawsuits and the potential liability and risk for a business, every organization that places telephone calls to current customers, former customers or prospects needs a compliant solution for placing the calls.  The TCPA provides a private right of action where an individual can sue for up to $1,500 per phone call.  Class actions fueled by vexatious litigators have been popping up in large numbers over the last 2 years.

“Backed by a 288-page rock solid legal opinion letter, The Compliance Phone provides our customers with assurance that the phone is absolutely compliant with the TCPA as a non-ATDS device.  We believe class action lawyers will simply move on when they learn The Compliance Phone was used to place the calls,” stated Mr. Garfinkel.  The opinion letter is provided by TCPA attorney Michele Shuster, managing partner of MacMurray, Petersen & Shuster LLP and is based on a detailed review of The Compliance Phone technology by IP Attorney Christine McCarthy of Barnes & Thornburg LLP.

The Compliance Phone provides a suite of features, including call recording, call tracking, and call transfer.  In addition, The Compliance Phone is interoperable with patented call blocking technology.

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Quality Voice & Data offers technology solutions to the customer engagement industry.  Each solution is specifically designed to ensure legal compliance and increased return on investment in the contact center.  Services include LocalCallerid.com and Caller Name Display management, SMS Text messaging and advanced IVR solutions. 

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