The Compliance Phone

Standalone non-ATDS phone

Backed by a 288 page ROCK SOLID opinion letter!  Calling wireless numbers was never safer™.

With the increase in TCPA class action lawsuits and the potential liability and risk for a business, every organization that places telephone calls to current customers, former customers or prospects needs a compliant solution for placing the calls.

What is The Compliance Phone?

Standalone non-ATDS dialing deviceThe Compliance Phone™ is a non-Automated Telephone Dialing System (Non-ATDS) device that can be used to call wireless/cellular telephones in accordance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulation. The opinion letter is provided by TCPA attorney Michele Shuster, managing partner of MacMurray, Petersen & Shuster LLP and is based on a detailed review of The Compliance Phone technology by IP Attorney Christine McCarthy of Barnes & Thornburg LLP.


“Best solution on the market for a single user or single users distributed across disparate locations.”
–F500 Agent Channel Manager

How does it benefit me?

Ensure that all users are being compliant by using a non-ATDS device to call wireless/cellular telephone numbers.

Gain insight into all users’ activity through a web portal.  Ability to generate reports and search for specific dialed numbers across the enterprise.

How to use it: Plug-N-Dial

Plug phone into the internet using a Cat5 or Cat6 cable directly into your router or modem.

Illustration showing how easy it is to use the Compliance Phone by simply plugging it into your internet

$29.95 per Month for the Compliance Phone Service

  • Unlimited calling within the contiguous USA
  • An assigned telephone number
  • Voice Mail
  • Ability to transfer calls
  • Ability to conference calls
  • Customized Caller ID displays location main number or a specific number designated by the business
  • Web Based Reporting that includes call detail
  • Premium services include Call Recording and Call Screening (Federal DNC list, State DNC lists, Inhouse DNC lists, Wireless numbers and Existing Customer phone numbers).

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