Local Presence

Using targeted area codes to create a local presence can give your company the competitive edge.  Our service is designed to ensure proper caller ID delivery with name display for contact centers.

Take control of what appears on your outbound caller ID. Customize your campaign by
using local numbers within your target market. Numbers are available for every U.S. area
code, giving you the power to boost answer rates and increase ROI. Control both the name
and number that display for your outbound campaigns.

  • Answer rates have increased up to 40% when using localized names and numbers. This
    means better list penetration, higher contacts-per-hour, and more sales!
  • Rotate caller ID numbers to minimize impressions of the same number within your
    target market.
  • Provisioning of numbers in 15 minutes or less.
  • Fully complies with the Truth in Caller ID Act.

Why is Local Presence so important?

Match your target audience with a targeted area code to create a local presence and increase your answer rates. Who do you know that will answer a call from an 800 number?  Prospects are much more likely to answer a phone call from a phone number that is from the same area code as them.

Why is caller name display so important?

Don’t start the conversation with “who are you and why are you calling me?” Name display
tells them who’s calling. If it matches who you say you are upfront, you have 5 seconds of
trust to tell them why you are calling!

  • In-house DNC requests will decline due to brand recognition. Eliminates the need for
    customers to call back and be further annoyed.
  • Be in control of how your brand is displayed – Brand protection

Call us today to test any of our Local Presence telephone numbers at no cost!

Steps to Implement our Local Presence Service

  • We assign you local Caller ID telephone numbers in any area code.
  • We match these assigned telephone numbers up with a  display name (15 characters).
  • You (or your vendor) set up your calling equipment to push the assigned local telephone numbers as the campaigns Caller ID.
  • We forward any call backs to the local Caller ID telephone number(s) back to you, preferably via a toll-free number or SIP.
  • The service is seamless to the called customer.
  • Our service ensures that whatever name you want will display on the called customers Caller ID box.
  • Your company gets a better answer rate!
  • Deeper list penetration!