How to Remove My Business Number from Spam List
July 10, 2023 / Written by Angela Garfinkel

How to Remove Your Business Phone Number from Spam Lists

Effective outbound sales calls are crucial for businesses, but it can be challenging when your phone number is being flagged as spam and customers aren’t picking up. Being labeled as "Spam Likely" on caller ID can lead to low answer rates and hinder your ability to reach customers. Even worse, it can be weeks before you realize that prospects aren’t picking up because of your Caller Id.
In this article, we will delve deeper into the reasons why your business number may be flagged as spam and provide detailed strategies to remove it from these spam lists. By following these steps, you can enhance your outbound phone number reputation and improve communication with your customers.
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Understanding Why Your Business Number Gets Flagged as Spam:

1. Carriers Monitoring and Behavioral Patterns:
Carriers constantly monitor the health of numbers on their network, analyzing caller behavioral patterns to identify potential spam calls. If your business makes a high volume of calls or has a majority of short-duration calls, carriers may flag your number as spam due to suspicious behavior. It's important to strike a balance or put the right strategies in place to ensure long-term success. 
2. Consumer Reports and App-Based Blockers:
Consumers have the power to report numbers as spam risks, either through dedicated apps or by filing complaints with government bodies like the FCC. These reports can contribute to your number being marked as spam. Consumers may report legitimate business numbers if they feel annoyed or simply because they don't recognize the number. This highlights the need for businesses to follow ethical dialing practices and ensure their calls are not perceived as intrusive.


Strategies to Protect Your Numbers and Stop Getting Calls Blocked:

1. Register Your Numbers:
Registering your business numbers with carriers and CNAM (Caller ID Name) databases ensures they are recognized as legitimate. This step helps establish your credibility and reduces the likelihood of being flagged as spam.
2. Configure Dialing Software Properly:
Ensure that your dialing software is properly set up and configured to comply with carrier regulations. This includes optimizing your dialing strategy to avoid making too many calls too quickly and preventing calls from ending too abruptly. By striking the right balance, you can avoid triggering suspicious behavior indicators.
3. Utilize SHAKEN Provider and Additional Numbers:
Partner with a SHAKEN provider, such as Quality Voice & Data, which can help authenticate your calls and improve their deliverability. Additionally, consider rotating additional outbound numbers to reduce call velocity signals and distribute calls across multiple numbers. This strategy helps maintain a healthy outbound phone number reputation.
4. Monitor Your Numbers:
One of the most important steps in protecting your numbers is monitoring them regularly. Stay vigilant, check for any flags or complaints associated with your numbers, and take immediate action to rectify any issues. Early detection allows you to address potential problems before they escalate and impact your communication efforts.


Disputing Flagged Numbers with Carriers:

To remove your business phone number from spam designations, you need to contact each carrier individually. Unfortunately, there isn't a centralized database. Here’s a list of carriers you can reach out to file your disputes. You can also work directly with Quality Voice & Data to handle remediation and get your business phone reputation under control.
1. Verizon - Visit the website to report the issue and provide necessary information.
2. T-Mobile - Complete the registration process and follow the instructions to address the spam flagging
3. AT&T - Submit a request through their online form, selecting the appropriate option and providing a clear description of the issue. 



Maintaining a strong outbound phone number reputation is essential for effective communication with customers. By understanding the reasons behind spam flagging and implementing the strategies outlined in this article, businesses can increase their chances of reaching customers successfully. Protecting your numbers, following ethical dialing practices, and promptly addressing any issues with carriers will help ensure your business number is not mistakenly flagged as spam. By taking these steps, you can build better connections with customers and improve the effectiveness of your communication efforts.
Do you need help putting together the right dialing strategy, or finding a SHAKEN provider that guarantees Full “A” Attestation, monitors your numbers, and provides clean local curated phone numbers? Reach out to Quality Voice & Data. Talk to our experts today.


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Angela Garfinkel currently serves as Director for Quality Voice & Data. With 30+ years of call center and business process outsourcing experience, Angela provides the QVD team with key insights to support product development, marketing and sales.

Written by Angela Garfinkel

Angela Garfinkel, Director at Quality Voice and Data, brings over 30 years of experience in call center and business process outsourcing. Well known in the telemarketing and telecommunications industry, she co-authored a course for The Direct Marketing Association and actively participates in professional groups like PACE. Her educational background includes an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Telecommunications Management from the University of Nebraska.