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July 1 will be here before we know it. If your calls are not digitally signed with full attestation to meet the STIR/SHAKEN regulatory standards right now, it is time to take action.  

Why STIR/SHAKEN regulatory compliance matters? 

Simply put, your calls will get blocked! 

Restoring trust in voice communications is the basis of STIR/SHAKEN regulatory guidelines. The goal is to prevent fraudsters from scamming consumers through robocalls and illegal phone number spoofing. Additionally, we need to ensure that your legitimate calls reach the recipient. July 2021 is the required deadline for STIR/SHAKEN implementation. 

With the STIR/SHAKEN authentication framework, the level of trustworthiness assigned to every outbound call (phone number) is based on the following criteria: 

  • Full Attestation (A): Carrier has confidence in the identity of the caller and callers’ right to use caller ID information presented. 
  • Partial Attestation (B): Carrier has confidence in the identity of the caller but not the callers’ right to use caller ID information presented. 
  • Gateway Attestation (C): Carrier cannot certify the identity of the caller or their right to use caller ID information presented. The call entered the carrier network unsigned.  

Ignoring the rapidly approaching STIR/SHAKEN regulatory compliance deadline will likely have a substantial impact on your outbound calls. Contact rates will continue to decline. When customers cannot get important information or contact a company over a channel of their preference, both businesses and consumers pay the price. Customer mistrust, call blocking, spam mislabeling, and regulatory compliance are impacting companies. The impact reflects on contact rates, operational efficiencies, and the overall customer experience.  

STIR/SHAKEN regulatory compliance

Work With Your Carriers  

While the major lifting falls on the shoulders of the carriers to meet the STIR/SHAKEN regulatory standards, call centers need to be proactive. They should understand any reason they won’t meet the implementation deadline, and if a risk mitigation plan is in place. Ideally, carriers should sign calls with the highest level of attestation prior to the July 1st deadline so testing can take place. Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Contact your carrier(s) now and ask how their STIR/SHAKEN implementation is progressing.  
  2. Understand how your carrier(s) plan on signing calls and how they’ll determine the trustworthiness of a call source.  
  3. Ask for signed calls with the highest level of attestation.
  4. Set a date for testing.

Red Flags 

If your carrier(s) tells you STIR/SHAKEN regulatory compliance isn’t “a thing”, that you don’t need to worry about it, is unable to answer your basic questions about implementation, or ignores your requests to connect, consider it a red flag. So, now what?  

Quality Voice & Data has been an authorized SHAKEN service provider since May 2020 and is here to help. We are able to tokenize (digitally sign) your calls. As a result, we ensure that they go through as “verified” or with a green checkmark.  

Quality Voice & Data is the only Authorized STIR/SHAKEN Provider that will digitally sign and deliver your calls with full attestation, guaranteed. 

Our Trusted Call Completion™ solution combines the highest level of Caller ID authentication with real-time Monitoring & Remediation. This is to reduce blocking or accidental labeling of your calls. We also provide dedicated local Caller ID numbers, elastic SIP trunking, and real-time Monitoring & Remediation services. 

QVD is here to help you successfully execute outbound calling campaigns. We do this while maximizing contact rates and protecting your reputation along the way.  

With more than 30 years of experience in technology, telecom, and business process management, our team is well-positioned to provide your company. 

Have questions? Get in touch with us at 888-656-5111 or  

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