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Caller ID Management Happy customer on telephoneOne thing that fascinates me is the different business verticals that can benefit from using local caller ID numbers. When QVD started providing local caller ID numbers, we were primarily focused on providing contact centers with local numbers to use for large outbound telemarketing campaigns. Since that time we have expanded the use of local caller ID numbers to many business types, including insurance companies.

I receive many phone calls from independent insurance agents that want to learn more about Caller ID management. They are searching for a way to increase their answer rate when calling current customers and prospects.

The Situation

An insurance agent could be licensed to work in multiple states; which can be great for expanding business, but poses a real challenge when trying to contact prospects and customers in other states by phone. Insurance companies and their agents have shared with me that their contact rate dramatically decreases when trying to make calls into other states. When the agent is making calls and the local caller ID display shows a number from an unfamiliar area code or a number in a different state the calls go unanswered. This makes it difficult to conduct business.

The Solution

We started receiving requests like the example above and decided we needed to find a solution. This service offers a way for the insurance companies and their agents to change the local caller ID number to reflect the location in to which they are making phone calls.

How it Works

The Compliance Phone has many additional features, with the most important to insurance agents being the ability to change the outgoing caller ID number as you work through your call list and move from state to state. Our web portal allows you to log in to your account and view all local caller ID numbers assigned to you. These numbers can then be selected from a drop down menu. If you wanted to call into Chicago, you would select the Chicago number from your drop down menu and click update. Within a few seconds your phone has been updated to now push out the Chicago caller ID number when making outbound calls. As you change your dialing from state you state you simply update what local Caller ID number you wish to push.

All of the local caller ID numbers are programmed to ring back to your desk when one of those numbers is dialed back from your prospect or client. We will also store the display name along with your local caller ID number to say “ABC Insurance” or the insurance agent’s name. Each Compliance Phone comes with all of these features:

  • Unlimited calling within the contiguous USA
  • An assigned telephone number
  • Voice Mail
  • Ability to transfer calls
  • Ability to conference calls
  • Customized Caller ID displays location main number or a specific number designated by the business
  • Web Based Reporting that includes call detail
  • Premium services include Call Recording and Call Screening (Federal DNC list, State DNC lists, In-house DNC lists, Wireless numbers and Existing Customer phone numbers).

Proper Caller ID Management Is Proven to Increase Answer Rates

By taking advantage of the Compliance Phone and utilizing good caller ID management you can start to see an increase in your answer rates and build your business.

Large Scale Insurance Telemarketing

If you are not small and are using a dialer for placing your calls. No problem. We have extensive solutions for outbound telemarketing where we can assign DIDs for you to use for outbound telemarketing. Learn more about Caller ID management for large call center operations and how to choose a strategy that is best for your insurance telemarketing program here.

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By Kelsey Olsen, Director of Enhanced Telecom Services

Kelsey Olsen is the Director of Enhanced Telecom Services for Quality Voice & Data, Inc., a leading provider of Local Caller ID numbers, enhanced texting solutions and a non-ATDS telephone system. Kelsey takes great pride in leading a team that is responsible for setting up phone numbers with CNAM display within 15 minutes or less. In addition, Kelsey is an expert advisor for her clients that need successful Caller ID best practices. Kelsey can be reached at or 516-656-5122.