Brandguard IVR System

  • How much time do your agents spend collecting DNC requests?
  • Are you overstaffing to accommodate the potential surge of incoming calls?
  • Are you delivering consistent messaging essential to protect your brand?
  • Are you pushing a local number with name display to your target audience?


With our customized IVR system you will safeguard your hard-earned reputation by providing a service that gives you greater control of how your Caller ID generated callbacks are handled.

Imagine this scenario. A customer calls the number displayed on their Caller ID box, which they just happened to miss. What are they going to hear when it connects to your business? This is where our BrandGuard customized IVR system takes over.Outound Telemarketing Solution - BrandGuard IVR System with MessagePro

Our Brandguard IVR system includes:

  • Automated Do Not Call capture. Free up your resources time and allow our BrandGuard IVR system to collect incoming Do Not Call (DNC) requests. Receive a .CSV file weekly of the prior weeks DNC opt ins.
  • DNC number verification. Customers have to verify the number they want included in the DNC opt out list. This pinpoints the precise number that needs to be removed; ensuring your data is accurate and compliant.
  • Voicemail. Create seamless options for customers to leave a message for your agents and/or departments. Our customized solution will deliver the message directly to designated email inboxes.
  • Customized routing. Increased sales opportunities are presented when peripheral issues are eliminated and sales are the primary focus. We can route calls to an individual number or departments. You create the options that make sense for your business.
  • Eliminate busy signals. Reduction of complaints to Federal and State regulators will naturally occur as customers are able to reach a live agent.
  • Consistency. Ensures a consistent message across multiple dialers and/or vendors. Trust is gained, not eroded. Consistent messaging is fundamental in developing and maintaining a strong brand.
  • Personalized messaging. In conjunction with our IVR solution, BrandGuard Message Pro allows you to control the message and the options. We provide the professional, polished recording that will reflect your brands image.

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