Tool to avoid being placed on the FCC telemarketing blacklist

Do you conduct outbound telemarketing?  Do you want to protect your organization against consumer complaints and potential government fines or penalties?   If yes, pay attention to this.

On October 21, 2015 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the implementation of a telemarketing blacklist.

The FCC started releasing data on all informal complaints it receives about unwanted robocalls and telemarketing calls. Upon releasing the data, the FCC has stated it “does not verify all of the facts alleged in these complaints”. Regardless, the FCC has elected to publish all the callers’ telephone numbers (Caller ID Numbers) with the full intent of creating a non-fact checked Telemarketers black list.

At the urging of the FCC, telephone companies and App builders will start to offer blocking services to their customers using this Black List to potentially block your telemarketing calls. The question is whether or not 100% of your telemarketing calls will continue to reach your customers, prospects, or members.

Quality Voice & Data is ahead of the curve making sure our clients’ calls get through. With our NEW BlackList Alert Service we are the only company actively monitoring the Local Caller ID numbers we assign to our customers against this new FCC Blacklist. Additionally, we will exchange any of the impacted FCC Blacklisted numbers for a new one, at your request.

  • We will alert you by email of any Local Caller ID number that we have assigned to you, that appears on the FCC Blacklist.
  • At your request we will immediately replace the Local Caller ID number with a new one.
  • Any new requests for Local Caller ID numbers will be pre-screened by our FCC BlackList Alert Service before being provided to you.

And remember, we can help you increase your list penetration and get more opportunities because when you use our Local Caller ID numbers, your contacts will answer the phone rather than letting it go unanswered.  Our Local Caller ID specialists will help you identify the right name to pair with the local Caller ID number.  If you company name is a well-respected brand, use your company name.  If your product is a well-respected product, use the product name.  And when you pair a brand name with a local phone number (giving you a local presence), you will double the answer rate compared to an 800 number displayed on outbound Caller ID.