How to Check Your Caller Id Reputation
July 31, 2023 / Written by Angela Garfinkel

Checking Your Phone's Caller Id Reputation

Over 90% of calls marked as "spam likely" are ignored by consumers. If these were your outbound sales calls, it's time to check your caller ID reputation. More than ever, with the dynamic nature of caller ID reputations, you could be flagged as spam within a day's time despite having a spotless record the previous day. 

Why is this crucial? Your caller ID reputation isn't static; it shifts based on several factors including call complaints, call volume, call duration, and the accuracy of caller ID information. If you're not actively monitoring and adjusting your strategy accordingly, you could be missing out on significant business opportunities, let alone the adverse effects on your customer relationships. 

How do I check my Caller ID Reputation?

Checking your caller id reputation can become burdensome but there are some straight forward ways to do it yourself.

The easiest way is to just listen to your customers. Nothing beats the power of customer feedback. If customers complain about receiving calls from a "spam likely" number, it's time to investigate your caller ID reputation. You're lucky they even answered the phone! And again, keep in mind that your reputation is constantly changing so what one customer said yesterday may not hold true today.

The next best way is to simply engage a trusted colleague or boss to receive a call from your business. Schedule time once a week to call a trusted partner to check what your caller id is showing on their phone or landline. Keep in mind that every carrier has their own analytics to determine your reputation on their network so it's worth finding a few people on some of the most popular networks (like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) so you get a complete view into your reputation. It can be burdensome, but also effective.

The last way, and arguably the best way, is to leverage professional services. Owing to the complexity of managing a dynamic Caller ID reputation, it's often beneficial to partner with a professional service. Quality Voice & Data specializes in this domain, not only delivering a snapshot of your reputation but also offering expert guidance and solutions to improve and maintain it. These partners use 1st and 3rd party data to constantly monitor the health of your reputation and proactively fix issues with reputation as they come up. For now, you can use our free Caller ID Monitoring & Testing Tool.
Managing your caller ID reputation isn't a one-off task but an ongoing commitment. It's foundational to the success of any outbound sales campaigns and customer engagements. Partnering with a professional service provider like Quality Voice & Data ensures you're always one step ahead, equipped to monitor, manage, and maximize your caller ID reputation. 


In conclusion, your caller ID reputation is a moving target. Let Quality Voice & Data be your guide while navigating these somewhat treacherous waters. Don't let the essential calls fall on deaf ears due to a tarnished reputation. Take the first step and partner with Quality Voice & Data. Schedule a caller id test with us today!

Quality Voice & Data offers a Stir-Shaken Caller ID Reputation Test, utilizing STIR/SHAKEN standards; a technology designed to fight the onslaught of robocalls and caller ID spoofing. This test provides a detailed report of your current caller ID reputation score, offering invaluable insight into how your calls may be perceived by recipients.

Written by Angela Garfinkel

Angela Garfinkel, Director at Quality Voice and Data, brings over 30 years of experience in call center and business process outsourcing. Well known in the telemarketing and telecommunications industry, she co-authored a course for The Direct Marketing Association and actively participates in professional groups like PACE. Her educational background includes an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Telecommunications Management from the University of Nebraska.