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Caller ID strategy is an often overlooked aspect of setting up a new outbound telemarketing campaign.  The reason Caller ID is often overlooked is because it isn’t one of the Big 3 items that are discussed with setting up an outbound campaign.  The Big 3 include the calling list, the script and the offer.  A word to my colleagues in the industry:  Change your thinking to add “Caller ID strategy” to your core list when setting up a new outbound telemarketing campaign. Here are some Caller ID best practices to consider:

Caller ID Best Practices – Do’s

  • Do use a ten digit phone number that is not a toll free number. Everyone knows that when they see an incoming call on their land line or cellular phone, if it is an 8XX number, it is a 99% chance that it is an outbound telemarketing call.  They will not answer that call and you lose the opportunity to make a contact.
  • For small outbound telemarketing list sizes (less than 2000 leads on your list): do use a non-8XX, ten digit phone number that is in the same area code and prefix that your corporate office is located in.   Using a non-8XX number on Caller ID will increase your outbound telemarketing answer rate by 10 to 20%.
  • Do procure your ten digit phone number from a Caller ID company like Quality Voice & Data. Specialized companies (not your primary telephone company) have developed real-time systems to insert that Name that you want associated with your phone number into the national CNAM database.  Phone companies will charge you significantly more and the CNAM name update is often weeks, not hours.
  • For larger outbound telemarketing list sizes (more than 2000 leads on your list), I recommend identifying the largest groups of area codes that you’re calling and then associate a “local” Caller ID number to the different portions of the list. For example, if your list has 10,000 leads on it and you do the analysis, you’ll probably find that 80% of the leads are in 50 area codes.  Buy 50 local caller ID phone numbers and provide a “Name” for CNAM for each of the most populated area codes in your calling list.  Then the other leads, use your corporate office’s area code for the rest of the list.  You’ll get a lift of 15 to 25% more contacts by using what appears to be a local phone number when calling your customers or prospects.
  • Do make sure you answer incoming calls to your Caller ID numbers during normal business hours. Do make sure that the called party can make a Do Not Call request when calling your Caller ID number back.

Caller ID Best Practices – Don’ts

  • Don’t over-dial your outbound telemarketing list. Set rules in your dialer for maximum attempts on every record at the daily, weekly and program to date level.  For example, set a max attempt of 1 time per day with attempts spaced out every 2 to 3 days.  Also, we’ve found that after 7 attempts, your chance of reaching a customer or prospect is significantly diminished and more than 7 attempts can increase the chance that a prospect or customer complains to a regulatory agency about your company.
  • Don’t use a deceptive name for CNAM. It isn’t legal to use something generic like “Customer Service”.  You must use a name that accurately represents your company, product or service.  For more information, here is a link to the Truth in Caller ID Act.
  • Don’t get over-complicated. Even just using one non-8XX Caller ID number will increase the answer rate when placing outbound calls (vs using an 8XX number).  Just start with that, then do analysis on your calling list to identify the largest area codes and then begin to append specific call records in your list with a Caller ID number.

If you’re still not sure how Caller ID works or how you can use it with your outbound telemarketing dialer technology, give me a call.  I’d be happy to share my knowledge with you.  516.656.5122

Kelsey Olsen is the Director of Enhanced Telecom Services for Quality Voice & Data, Inc., a leading provider of Local Caller ID numbers, enhanced texting solutions and a non-ATDS telephone system.  Kelsey takes great pride in leading a team that is responsible for setting up phone numbers with CNAM display within 15 minutes or less.  In addition, Kelsey is an expert advisor for her clients that need successful Caller ID best practices.  Kelsey can be reached at or 516-656-5122.