SMS TEXT Platform

Quality Voice & Data offers a variety of Text Services that allow your organization to have One-on-One Text Conversations

Individual Text Service

The pairing of a user’s email with their existing phone number. Text messages are sent and received using existing email (also known as business texting).  Businesses’ preferred communication is email.  Consumers’ preferred communication is text.  Our service allows for a seamless conversation between the business and the consumer.

How the service works

In our system we pair an existing phone number with an email address. We then text enable that phone number in the telecom ecosystem. The process takes 15-30 minutes. Ownership of the phone number for voice communication stays as is.

Key Features and Benefits



Able to use your existing business phone number
  • Customers/employees won’t need to learn a new number for your business.  Your company phone number may already be programmed into their phone which would mean texts coming from the company would immediately be recognized and read.
  • No need to change business cards, signature blocks, marketing material since the phone number is not changing
Able to use your existing email account
  • Leverage your preferred communication method and now communicate with consumers, prospects, or employees.
  • Incoming text through email are easily recognizable – Subject Line: ☎ SMS Message From 14807351328
All text conversations archive through email
  • No need to worry about how to track the conversations.  These text communications can be archived along with other email through your existing email account.
No software needed to configure or install
  • No need to get IT involved to install a new piece of software on your computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Nothing new to install or learn.  As easy as opening a new email message and sending a message.
Low cost
  • You won’t need a large investment to start sending/receiving texts today.


Quality Test Tool, conversation bubblesContact Center TextDesk™

A cloud-based application allowing a group of users to concurrently handle multiple concurrent conversations.  Full suite of APIs for dialers, CRMs or other customer integrations.

How the service works

We would provide your organization with login credentials to the TextDesk platform and text-enable your Main number and/or Caller ID phone numbers.  As customers or employees send text to your number, the message would appear within the cloud-bases application you are logged onto with your computer.  See screenshot below.

Key Features and Benefits



Application allows users to handle multiple text conversations at the same time
  • Reduce FTEs in your call center by redirecting phone call traffic which is a one to one conversation to your Text Desk where an agent can handle many conversations at the same time.
Easy to use APIs to automate workflows
  • Send confirmations or other communications by text to your customer right from your dialer script.  “Would you like me to send that confirmation by text or email?”  or “I can send you a link with more information about the product by text or email.”
Historical tracking and reporting
  • Understand how your employees/customers are using texting by running reports on usage and what phone numbers are texting you.  Reports could be in PDF or CSV format.
  • Easily monitor the text conversations by exporting conversations to use for quality monitoring sessions with agents similar to call recordings.
Long and short code integrated
  • Both a long code (10 digit phone number) or short code (5-6 digit number) could be used with this tool.

How can I use text in my call center?

When leaving a voice mail, have your agents say “please call us, or text us, whichever is more convenient for you”. Then provide our web interface to your “Chat” team, who now also become a Text Desk. Reduce inbound FTE time. Provide the customers preferred communication channel to your center.

Use our easy to use html API’s to send confirmations by text to your customer right from your dialer script “Would you like me to send that confirmation by text or email? Many customers who prefer “text” will then use text in the future. Your Text Desk will save you on FTEs and provide a desired communication channel for your customers.

Have a wireless opt in? Worried they won’t answer your call, as your Caller ID number is probably unknown to this prospect?  Send a text before you call – “You requested information on our program. Expect a call from this telephone number in the next few minutes”. –Or text us your question, whatever is your preference.

SMS Text Statistics, Did You Know…?

  • Texting is the most widely-used and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day.
  • Over 80% of American adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity.
  • 90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes.
  • On average, Americans exchange twice as many text as they do calls.

More statistics – Click Here

MMA Consumer Best Practices

Screenshot of Web platform:

Quality Text Tool, SMS text tool screenshot

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