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SMS & MMS Messaging

As an authorized SHAKEN Service Provider Company, we specialize in providing reputation based telecom services. Our propriety technology – and deep, rooted experience within the industry – enable us to digitally sign & deliver your calls with full attestation. By combing highest level of caller ID authentication with real-time monitoring & remediation, QVD ensures your calls are not accidently blocked or labeled as spam. 


TextDesk™ – Conversational Text Messaging built for the Contact Center!

Simple & Stress Free: No porting necessary

Versatile: SMS & MMS (picture) available

Flexible Integration: Great for individual agents or your existing customer service number

Conversational & Secure: Connect with your customers 1:1, over text

Quick & Easy: Implement in less than a day

How does it work?

Option 1 – Text Enable Your Existing Customer Service Phone Numbers

Interact with your customers real-time over text.   Your customers will love knowing they can call or text your existing customer service number.

Through our TextDesk™ web application or API Solution, implementation is simple and stress free:

TextDesk Application: Our web-based application enables SMS agents to handle multiple conversations at the same time, while maintaining all the key features and benefits found in today’s chat application.  We are proud to offer the next generation of chat applications.

API Solution: Our API is easy to use and seamlessly integrates into your dialer’s script or CRM.  The results?  Send perfectly formatted text messages – or pull a variety of key data points – all with one click of a button.

Option 2 – For Agents Who Own Their Own Work Flow

Text Enable Each Agent’s Phone Number. Save time (and money) by adding text to an individual agent’s current DID.  Agents can use their existing email account to communicate with your customers over text.

Here’s what our customers love:

  • No downloads or software installs
  • Text messages can be archived using your current process for email
  • Includes API for sending text messages from your dialer scripts
  • Pairs with your agent’s existing email account

TestDesk™ integrates with just about any Dialer, CRM or legacy platform.

Because we understand how contact centers work our solutions can be implemented in just one day. Just in time for that last-minute campaign that would benefit by adding text messaging.

Most of our clients typically fit into one of two use cases;

  1. They want to text enable their client’s customer service number and use our cloud based TextDesk™, with functionality like “chat”, or
  2. They want to add Text Messaging to their agents’ arsenal, who are already equipped with their own DID, Voice Mail and Email.

Regardless of the text solution, what makes us stand out over our competition is our ability to text enable ANY number. We leave your voice services as is, with your current telecom provider, and ONLY take control of the text function of your phone numbers. No porting is necessary and text enablement typically takes less than 30 minutes. This includes 8XX and local numbers.

Our solution to the first use case is simple –

text messaging for contact centers and call centersOur Text Messaging for the Contact Center, TextDesk™ is web based and provides not only the features you would expect from a “Chat” application, allowing a single SMS agent to handle multiple conversations, but also includes robust features like an easy to use html API, that can easily be used to send text messages from your dialer or CRM, pulling in variable data from these applications. Our APIs allow any agent to click one button and send a perfectly formatted text message to a customer (like a confirmation). APIs are also available for generating on demand csv reports, allowing your client services team to easily include important metrics back to your clients.

Our solution for the second use case –

The second solution will support your Inside Sales or B2B agent who owns their work flow. These agents typically have direct telephone numbers, voice mail and email. We piggy back off the existing email client, allowing agents to send and receive text messages using the same email client. This eliminates the need to install a separate text application, it also lets you use the existing process you use right now to archive email for these new text messages. This second solution also includes an html API allowing agents to send text messages, from their DID, directly from the Dialer or CRM.

All our solutions can also support MMS aka pictures. Agents can ask customers “text me a picture of that part and I am sure we will be able to identify it”. All our solutions integrate in minutes, live in the cloud and do not require any software to be installed or configured, allowing for a same day turn up.

Need same day turn up? Call 1888 656-5111 Press option 1

Text Messaging for contact center and call centers

Quality Voice & Data has been supplying text tools for the call center for more than 5 years. Whether you are interested in our Contact Center TextDesk™ – chat like solution with advanced API to support inbound text messaging from client Customer Service numbers, or our TextBetter™ for the Contact Center – enable agents who own their own work flow to engage in conversational text, includes easy to use html APIs to support the sending of one touch, text messaging, to their customers, let one of our Sales Engineers help get you started.

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More examples of how to use texting in your Contact Center

When leaving a voice mail, have your agents say “please call us, or text us, whichever is more convenient for you”. Then provide our web interface to your “Chat” team, who now also become a Text Desk. Reduce inbound FTE time. Provide the customers preferred communication channel to your center.

Have a wireless opt in? Worried they won’t answer your call, as your Caller ID number is probably unknown to this prospect?  Send a text before you call – “You requested information on our program. Expect a call from this telephone number in the next few minutes”. –Or text us your question, whatever is your preference.

SMS Text Statistics, Did You Know…?

  • Texting is the most widely-used and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day.
  • Over 80% of American adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity.
  • 90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes.
  • On average, Americans exchange twice as many text as they do calls.

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