How to Buy Telemarketing Phone Numbers
October 23, 2023 / Written by Angela Garfinkel

How to Buy Telemarketing Phone Numbers

Shopping for telemarketing phone numbers isn't the most glamorous activity. It's not on our top 5 favorite things to shop for. The process of buying telemarketing phone numbers can be overwhelming, with various factors to consider and potential pitfalls to avoid. Plus, it's a lot more fun shopping for a new golf club, or flat screen TV.

In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of purchasing local caller ID numbers for telemarketing and provide tips on what to look out for. Whether you're a seasoned telemarketer or new to the industry, this article will help you navigate the process with confidence.

Why Do Telemarketers Need More Than One Number?

You might be asking yourself why Telemarketers need more than a single number for all their campaigns and dialing. When it comes to telemarketing, having multiple phone numbers is often a necessity. Here's why:

1. Dialing Velocity: Telemarketing campaigns rely on reaching a large number of potential customers in a short amount of time. Having multiple numbers allows for faster dialing or a reduced calls per number per hour resulting in increased call volume and higher productivity.

2. Phone Number Management: With different campaigns, regions, or products, keeping track of all your calls becomes a logistical challenge. Multiple numbers help you organize your calling activities for better tracking.

3. Reputation Management: The reputation of your phone numbers plays a crucial role in your success as a telemarketer. Having multiple numbers allows you to rotate them, avoiding overusing any single number and potentially damaging its reputation.

What to Look for When Buying Phone Numbers for Telemarketing

As you embark on your search for local caller ID numbers, consider the following factors to make an informed purchase:

1. Clean Numbers: It's crucial to buy phone numbers that have not been used for telemarketing in the past. Numbers with a poor reputation can harm your success rates and brand image. Look for vendors that ensure their numbers are clean and have not been associated with previous spam activities.

2. Reputable Vendors: Partnering with a reputable vendor is essential for acquiring reliable phone numbers. Choose a provider that is SHAKEN/STIR authorized, as this indicates their adherence to industry standards and commitment to quality.

3. Level A Attestation: Look for phone numbers that come with A attestation. This level of attestation demonstrates that the number has been verified and authenticated, instilling more trust in your calls and potentially increasing answer rates.

4. Local Area Codes: Consider the geolocation of your target audience and aim to purchase numbers with local area codes. Having familiar area codes enhances the likelihood of customers answering your calls, as they perceive them to be local rather than potential spam or unwanted solicitations.

How Much Do Phone Numbers Cost for Telemarketing?

The cost of telemarketing phone numbers can vary depending on several factors, such as the provider, volume of numbers needed, and specific features included in the package. While prices can differ, generally, you can expect a flat fee plus a per-minute or per-call charge.

It's important to note that the costs can be quite reasonable, with prices potentially less than $10- $20 per month per number, especially if you're purchasing numbers in bulk or have high call volumes. 

Just remember, the quality of your numbers and your partner play a major role in the success of any campaign, so make sure you weigh the costs against the reputation of the company before making a decision.

Why is Phone Number Quality Important?

The quality of your telemarketing phone numbers can make or break your campaign's success. It is crucial to understand that the success of your telemarketing efforts relies heavily on the phone numbers you use. High-quality phone numbers not only increase your chances of reaching potential customers but also enhance your brand image and customer perception.

When customers see "Spam Likely" or an unfamiliar number on their caller ID, they are less likely to answer the call. Poor phone number quality can result in a significant drop in answer rates, potentially hampering the effectiveness of your telemarketing campaigns. On the other hand, when you use clean and reputable phone numbers, customers are more likely to answer the call, giving you a better chance to pitch your products or services.

Moreover, the reputation of your phone numbers reflects directly on your brand. Unwanted spam calls can leave a negative impression on potential customers, making it difficult for them to trust your business or consider your offers. By investing in high-quality phone numbers, you can ensure that your brand image remains intact and customers perceive your calls as legitimate and valuable.

By investing in clean and reputable numbers, as well as partnering with authorized carriers, you can ensure that your telemarketing efforts are effective and your brand remains trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers. Let's explore why in more detail:

1. Impacts Answer Rates: When customers see "Spam Likely" or an unfamiliar number on their caller ID, they're less likely to answer the call. Poor phone number quality can result in answer rates dropping by over 90%, severely hampering the effectiveness of your telemarketing efforts.

2. Reflects on Your Brand: A bad phone number reputation can damage your brand image and customer perception. Unwanted spam calls can leave a negative impression, making it difficult for potential customers to trust your business or consider your offers.

3. Carrier and STIR/SHAKEN Authorization: Partnering with a carrier that is STIR/SHAKEN authorized is crucial for maintaining phone number health. STIR/SHAKEN is a framework designed to verify and authenticate calling numbers, increasing trust and reducing the likelihood of being labeled as spam or unwanted solicitations by carriers.

Buying Phone Numbers From Quality Voice & Data

If you're looking for a solution to ensure quality local caller ID numbers for your telemarketing campaigns, Quality Voice & Data is here to help. As an industry-leading reputation-based telecom service provider, QVD offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance your outbound calling efforts.

With our reputation-based telecom services, including the Trusted Call Completion feature, we ensure that your calls are delivered without being blocked or labeled as spam. We also offer elastic SIP trunking and other features to ensure our clients' campaigns are effective

Our industry-leading inventory of local caller ID numbers across various markets guarantees that you can find numbers with local area codes to optimize answer rates. 

Buying Telemarketing Numbers Is An Important Processes

Buying phone numbers for telemarketing requires careful consideration. By sourcing clean numbers, choosing reputable vendors, prioritizing local area codes, and understanding the importance of phone number quality, you can improve the success of your telemarketing campaigns.

With Quality Voice & Data's expert services and solutions, you'll have the tools and support necessary to maximize your outbound calling efforts. Remember, in the ever-changing landscape of telemarketing, leveraging best practices and staying ahead of industry trends is essential for achieving your goals.

Written by Angela Garfinkel

Angela Garfinkel, Director at Quality Voice and Data, brings over 30 years of experience in call center and business process outsourcing. Well known in the telemarketing and telecommunications industry, she co-authored a course for The Direct Marketing Association and actively participates in professional groups like PACE. Her educational background includes an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Telecommunications Management from the University of Nebraska.