How Local Caller ID Works and How to Ensure a Proper Name Display

What is Caller ID Name Display?

To use a name or not use a name, that is the question.  By now we should all know the value of using Local Caller ID numbers to achieve higher answer rates when conducting outbound telemarketing.  The piece you may not be as familiar with is the importance of pushing a display name with that Local Caller ID number.

Using a Toll Free Number

Follow me through this scenario:  You are at home and the phone rings.  The first thing you do is look at your caller ID.  The caller ID is displaying a toll free number.  What do you do?  (Be honest!).  Most of us will ignore the call assuming it’s, dare I say the word, a telemarketer.  Even working in the industry for years I’ve been guilty of doing just this – ignore the call.

What if there were two minor changes to that incoming call?

Using a Local Number with Name Display

In this second scenario the phone rings and you look at the Caller ID display.  This time it’s showing a local number with a company name that you are familiar with.  Are you more motivated to answer the call?  My answer would be yes, or I can choose to call the number back at a more convenient time.

Using a local number paired with display name can do a number of things.  It adds an additional layer of trust by including a display name on your outgoing caller ID information.  When the outbound telemarketing agent introduces themselves over the phone and the company they are calling for matches the display name on the Caller ID display, it removes the initial questions of “who are you” and “why are you calling me?”
Local Caller ID increases answer rates by up to 40%

How Name Display Works

Forgive me for getting a little technical here, but here is how the Caller ID number and display name work behind the scenes.  The Caller ID number is pushed from your dialer or telephone system.  As that call is making its way to the called party, the called party’s phone carrier will take the Local Caller ID number and do a lookup for the display name in the national CNAM database.  Then the called party’s phone carrier will send the display name along with the Local Caller ID number to the called party’s Caller ID display.

How to Implement?

In order to update and store display names in the national CNAM database you need help from a company like ours.  Quality Voice & Data (QVD) has a large inventory of Local Telephone Numbers and access to store and update those numbers with display names.

By adding this simple step of using a name display with your Local Caller ID numbers you can increase answer rates by an additional 12%.  That is a huge lift, not to mention the increase in sale conversions.

Most Trusted Local Caller ID with CNAM Provider

Quality Voice & Data provides Local Caller ID numbers to hundreds to organizations across the U.S. in every area code.   From small sales teams to very large, Top 50 telemarketing organizations, we are the most trusted Local Caller ID partner in the marketplace.  In addition to ensuring that the correct name is displayed, we also check our customer Caller ID numbers against the weekly FCC blacklist.   Give us a call to discuss how we can help you increase your answer rate and your credibility with your target market.   516-656-5111