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Trusted Call Completion®

By combining highest level of Caller ID authentication with real-time Monitoring & Remediation, QVD ensures your calls are not accidentally blocked or labeled as spam.
Our solution includes dedicated local Caller ID numbers, elastic SIP trunking, real-time Monitoring & Remediation services.


We maintain a robust inventory of telephone numbers in every market that are vetted in real-time against a leading authentication hub, so they’re not blocked/ labeled as spam.
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As an Authorized STIR/SHAKEN Service Provider Company, QVD terminates directly to other SHAKEN carriers, digitally signing & delivering your calls with full attestation.
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Real-Time Monitoring

We monitor – in real time – how your calls appear on all major wireless handsets; gaining immediate insight into when your Caller ID number(s) are mislabeled or potentially blocked.
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Instant Remediation

In the event of a mislabel or potential blocked decision, we will remediate the situation in real-time, defending how your calls appear on over 50% of the wireless handsets in the USA.
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Industry-Leading Authentication

We register, store & monitor our customers against the industry’s leading authentication hub, that relies on real-time network data for over 1BN daily call events across more than 400 carriers.
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TrustedCaller™ Program

As a TrustedCaller™, we can digitally sign & deliver your calls with the highest-level attestation designated by the STIR/SHAKEN framework, known as “Full” or “A” Attestation.
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TrustedCaller™ Program

To participate in Trusted Call Completion®, your organization must be a registered member of our TrustedCaller™ program.

Being a TrustedCaller™ allows us to introduce your organization to the telephony ecosystem as a Legitimate Caller
As part of this process, we will require you to complete a third-party verification process, which essentially validates your organization as legitimate and affirms your intentions align with the overall spirit of the TRACED ACT & STIR/SHAKEN Framework
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