Phone Service for Sales Professionals

What is Phone Service for Sales Professionals?

Sales Professionals are power users of the phone on their desk.  Our service is a stand-alone telephone that plugs into any Internet connection (VoIP), with Enhanced Caller ID Capabilities.  Our web interface combined with telephone numbers that are available in every area code allows you to control what your prospects see on their Caller ID Box

Why choose our solutions?

  • Caller ID numbers: Phone numbers are available in any area code – with a 15 character name display.  Target your market by matching your Caller ID with your prospect’s market.  You will see a 40% lift in answer rate!
  • Control your Caller ID in Real Time: Our custom web portal allows you to change the Caller ID number on your VoIP phone displays.
  • Call Detail Records (Reporting): Understand the details of each call with our dashboard summary report.  You can see calls by date and time, number of dials, and duration of calls.
  • Three Line Appearances: Use the hold button to answer incoming calls.
  • Voicemail: Messages are sent to you via email.

Using Local Numbers = Increased Answer and Conversion Rates!!!!

Set up is quick and easy!

Step 1 – Contact one of our telecom professionals today and they will customize a solution for you.

Step 2 – We will ship your new VoIP phone pre-programmed so you can start making calls!  Just plug your new phone into your internet and start connecting with prospects!

How to connect VoIP phone to work with Phone Service for Sales Professionals

Get started for as low as $29 per month

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