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 SMS & MMS for Landline Numbers

Text enable any landline telephone number, from your main office like to your employees' DID;
toll-free & VoIP number work, too. We offer a full suite of services, including APIs, managed endpoints & on-demand reporting.

Flexible Endpoints

Our APIs offer flexible endpoints, so SMS & MMS messages can be delivered directly to your email or FTP server (making it easy to read & ingest text messaging data directly into your systems).
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Ondemand Reporting

We offer 3 API reports that can be run on-demand and delivered directly to your email or FTP server. So you can report on things like user activity or text history, and even pull conversation transcripts.
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Mass Texting Tool

Use our mass texting tool to send a personalized text to hundreds of recipients at a time. Simply upload a list of recipients and click send. All replies are delivered to your customer provided endpoint.
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Compliance Protection

Prevent users from sending unwanted texts using your company wide opt-out list. A recipient is automatically added to your opt-out list when they reply: STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE or REMOVE.
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Easy-to-Use APIs

We use a simple, API URL call to send text messages. Our service works with any internet browser and can be easily deployed – without complex code like SOAP, REST or RPC.
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Picture Messaging

Easily exchange pictures messages with contacts over text. MMS messages are delivered to your customer provided endpoint, making it easy to store & search images when needed.
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    Reputation-based Telecom

    As an authorized SHAKEN Service Provider Company, we specialize in providing reputation based telecom services.
    Our propriety technology, and deep, rooted experience within the industry, enable us to digitally sign & deliver your calls with full attestation.


    By combining highest level of Caller ID authentication with real-time Monitoring & Remediation, QVD ensures your calls are not accidentally blocked or labeled as spam.
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    Non-Automated Telephone Dialing System (Non-ATDS), enabling you to call wireless telephones in total compliance with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
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    Cisco IP phones with unlimited calling in USA & CA and a full suite of calling features, like automated attended, SMS, follow-me & more. Plus, full authentication on EVERY call.
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