Using Local Caller ID for outbound telemarketing campaigns

By Dean Garfinkel

If your outbound telemarketing campaigns, whether B2B or B2C, are still using 8XX numbers as Caller ID then you are missing the proverbial boat, and by the way “yachts don’t suck”.

You listen to hours of recordings, schedule painful coaching sessions, constant rewriting of the pitch, your chanting the mantra “Improve Performance, Improve Performance” to bed, all to move the needle another increment. Remember when the first predictive dialer hit our industry? Boy did the needle jump. WOW! Well now there is another new technology that is causing the needle to jump again. (WOW! Again)

Quality Voice & Data’s Local Caller ID service offers telemarketers and other companies interested in using local telephone numbers as Caller ID for target markets.

Many of you who know me have heard my pitch. “Use our local number as your Caller ID – you will get an increase in answer rate.” I go on and ask “If you get a call from an 800 number who do you think it is?” And my prospect says “a TELEMARKETER of course”. Then I say “that’s right, so why don’t you use our local numbers as Caller ID, matching the same area code as the person you are calling?” Then my prospect says “of course that makes a lot of sense”, which typically results in another new client for us.

Well the STATS are in! A number of our customers have shared, with great joy (I might add) their amazing results: Although the results vary slightly between clients, based upon the type of call and calling patens the results are pretty much the same with slight variation.

One client for example, compared for us one month of calling the same market pushing an 8XX Caller ID number with the following month pushing one of our Local Caller ID numbers.

Conversion Rate up 30%. Sales Per Hour up 32%. Contacts Per Hour up 19%

Probably the most surprising number was how dramatically the “max attempts” decreased as a percentage of “depletes”, which ultimately increased the number of sales the client got out of the list.

Are you starting to Dream of Yachting?

If the above results haven’t persuaded you to use our Local Caller ID service – call me and I will let you test any 10 of our number for a full month – at no obligation. | Dean Garfinkel (Direct) 516 656-5115