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Dean Garfinkel Named Treasurer of ATA

Aurora, Nebraska – Quality Voice & Data’ President, Dean Garfinkel has been selected to serve as Treasurer of the American Teleservices Association (ATA). In his new capacity as an Officer and Treasurer of the association Dean will continue to serve the membership promoting the channel. As an eight year veteran of the National Board of Directors he has been instrumental in developing and implementing the Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO), which has been credited by the Federal Trade Commission as a positive step in the teleservices industry in addition to many other board initiatives.

Well-known within the telecommunications and teleservices industries, Dean has more than 30 years experience in a wide-range of technologies, including TDM, SS7, IP, SIP, WIFI and Wireless, and specializes in value-added solution development. Garfinkel invented TeleBlock®, a patented call routing system, which has become a national telecom standard and is sold by telecom carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Qwest and PaeTec. He is a leading expert on telecommunications, CallerID and Do Not Call compliance, and is a regular speaker within the industry circuit.

About the American Teleservices Association:

The ATA is the only non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of companies that utilize call centers as an integral channel of operations. Founded in 1983, ATA represents more than 4,000 contact centers that account for over 1.8 million professionals worldwide. For more information at the ATA, please visit ataconnect.org.

Using Local Caller ID for outbound telemarketing campaigns

By Dean Garfinkel

If your outbound telemarketing campaigns, whether B2B or B2C, are still using 8XX numbers as Caller ID then you are missing the proverbial boat, and by the way “yachts don’t suck”.

You listen to hours of recordings, schedule painful coaching sessions, constant rewriting of the pitch, your chanting the mantra “Improve Performance, Improve Performance” to bed, all to move the needle another increment. Remember when the first predictive dialer hit our industry? Boy did the needle jump. WOW! Well now there is another new technology that is causing the needle to jump again. (WOW! Again) Continue reading

FCC Caller ID Rules for Telemarketers

by Dean Garfinkel

Even before passage of the Truth in Caller ID Act, FCC rules required telemarketers to pass accurate caller ID information. FCC rules specifically require that a telemarketer transmit or display its telephone number or the telephone number of the seller on whose behalf the telemarketer is calling, and, if possible, its name or the name and telephone number of the company for which it is selling products or services.

In addition, the FCC rules require telemarketers to display a telephone number that can be called during regular business hours to ask to no longer be called.

Enhanced DialerID helps telemarketers comply with the FCC Caller ID rules and is in full compliance with the Truth in Caller ID Act. Enhanced Dialer ID is available from QCS (www.enhanceddialerid.com). We have more than 3000 phone numbers available across virtually every geographic market in the U.S. Since Enhanced DialerID’s inception in 2007, hundreds of telemarketers have gained the competitive advantage of transmitting a local phone number into the markets they dial into. The competitive advantage comes in two forms: first, the local phone number is associated with the CNAM database and the telemarketer can control the name that is displayed; second, by displaying a local phone number (not a toll free or out of area number), consumers and business people are more likely to answer the phone. In fact, campaigns using Enhanced DialerID local numbers have been found to increase the answer rate by 22-25% and companies can penetrate their lists higher than before due to a better contact rate.

Want to learn more? Call Dean Garfinkel at 516-656-5115 to find out how you can get local Caller ID numbers for only $2.00 per number, per month.

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