New Cloud Based BrandGuard Solution


Aurora, NE – (May 17, 2013) – Quality Voice & Data, Inc. (QVD) has announced a new solution designed for sellers with in-house telemarketing operations and their vendors.  Designed to protect the seller’s brand, increase campaign answer rates, provide upsell opportunities, minimize DNC opt-out and centralize DNC collection, BrandGuard Connect is composed of three services.  BrandGuard CallerID increases answer rates as much as 30% by displaying the seller’s brand name and a local phone number on Caller ID.  BrandGuard Message Pro reduces DNC requests by as much as 25% with customized effective messaging.  Brand Guard IVR provides customers with a great experience when they call back, providing options for a live agent and centralized DNC collection.  Sellers take control over how CallerID-Generated callbacks are handled across the enterprise.

“We have been offering CallerID solutions for about 5 years, and we still see that many sellers are not in control of what their vendors are using for CallerID on outbound calls. Some vendors display an 800 number, some vendors display their company name and some are using the seller name. We’ve seen a gap in consistency, which causes consumers to be wary of who the caller really represents. A lot of companies don’t have an effective way to handle the volume of incoming calls that are generated by the CallerID imprint either. Many calls go unanswered which results in consumer frustration, increased DNC requests and ultimately more complaints to federal and state agencies. Bottom line is if you give a customer a great experience when they call back your Caller ID number, you earn the opportunity to call again,” Dean Garfinkel, President.

About Quality Voice & Data

Quality Voice & Data offers technology solutions to the customer engagement industry.  Each technology solution is specifically designed to ensure legal compliance and increased return on investment in the contact center.  Quality Voice & data is part of a Quality family of companies that includes Quality Contact Solutions and Quality Online Solutions.

For more information please visit: BrandGuard Caller ID Management Solution