Local Caller ID with Name Display will increase your conversion rate

By Kelsey Olsen, Director of Enhanced Telecom Services

Most telemarketers and outbound telephone campaign managers know that using Local Caller ID numbers is a powerful tool to increase the percentage of time that a consumer or business answers the phone.  Lesser well-known is the benefit of ensuring the Local Caller ID number is paired with a Name, called Caller ID Name Display.   In essence putting a name to the number.

Using a Local Caller ID phone number, paired with a name helps increase the answer rate on your outbound telemarketing campaign.  However, the benefits don’t stop there.

There are two components of a successful outbound telemarketing campaign.  One component is “contacts per hour”.  We know that using Local Caller ID numbers helps improve the contacts per hour because more people answer the phone.  The second component is conversion rate.  Depending on the reason for the call, conversion may be measured as sales conversion, leads generated conversion rate, or some other conversion metric.

The good news is that we’ve found that using Local Caller ID numbers with a Name display can help your company with both key metrics.

How do I increase my conversion rates? The answer is with 5 Seconds of Trust.

By using a Local Caller ID number with Name Display you are starting to answer the important question before the caller even answers the phone, “Who is calling?”.  Once the call is answered and your agent introduces himself as “Jane” with XYZ Company AND the prospect sees “Jane or “XYZ Company’s” name on their Caller ID Display they just earned 5 seconds of trust.  Clearly the next question will be “What do you want?” which is far better than “Who is this AND what do you want?”  This trust translates to an increase in conversions and sales.

Honest telemarketers who have a true product or service to offer have no reservations about sharing who they are and what company they are calling from.  A misleading telemarketer who doesn’t want to be clear about who they are and what business they are conducting usually has no interest in putting their company name on the caller ID display.  Too many times telemarketing is a bad word because of the companies who try and conceal who they are.  Right up front your company can differentiate itself by using Local Caller ID with Name Display.

Increase Answer Rate and Conversions

Using a Local Caller ID Number with Name Display has been proven to increase answer rates. But we want to increase conversions as well.  Telemarketers need to think about the whole picture as the customer views it.  When we are reaching out by phone we have no idea what the customer maybe doing prior to answering our call.  If their day is full of meetings, they may screen their calls.  Here is what maybe going through the customers mind when an 8XX toll free number appears on the caller ID display:

  • Who is calling?
  • Am I expecting a returned call?
  • What do they want?
  • Have I spoke to this company before?
  • Do I have time for this “unknown” call?
  • Are they a Telemarketer?

When using a Local Caller ID Number with Name Display the customer is more informed before answering the call.  Even if the customer is in the middle of a busy day, they may choose to answer because we have answered most of the above questions just by displaying some simple information on the caller ID display. The more they know about who’s calling the more likely they are to answer.

Local Caller ID with Name Display is Compliant

Quality Voice & Data’s Caller ID with Name display is compliant with the Truth in Caller ID Act.  For a company to be compliant in what they are using for their outbound Caller ID, the consumer needs to easily understand who is calling and the Local Caller ID number needs to be answered when a consumer calls the number back during normal business hours.  The consumer also needs to have the ability to be placed on your company’s Do Not Call list if they choose to do so.  For additional information on the Federal and State regulations and how they apply visit the USA DNC Regulatory Guide.

Deeper List Penetration

Unless you are lucky enough to have an unlimited supply of leads (list), your outbound telemarketing campaign most likely has a limited number of leads to call.    That makes every lead a golden opportunity and you want to connect with every possible lead that you can.  By using a Local Caller ID Number with Name Display, you minimize the likelihood that your target prospect or customer will ignore your call (contrasted with displaying a toll free number which is most likely to go unanswered).  The local number paired with name display will encourage customers to answer the phone especially if they are or have done business with your company in the past.

Return on Investment

The cost for Local Caller ID is minimal for the return you receive when considering the huge increase in contacts per hour and list conversion rate that is common when using Local Caller ID numbers with a Name Display.  What would you do to see an increase in answer rate, deeper list penetration, and increased sales conversion rates?

Using Local Caller ID with Name Display helps create a more positive response from the customer.  This isn’t rocket science.  Customers want to make sure they can verify who they are speaking with when doing business over the phone; plain and simple.  One challenge is that the typical telephone company isn’t set up to provide multiple numbers in different area codes on demand. The great news is that QVD isn’t a typical telephone company. We exist to supply contact centers with fully provisioned Local Caller ID numbers in about 15 minutes or less. Contact QVD to see how we can help improve many aspects of your outbound telemarketing campaigns by implementing Local Caller ID with Name Display.

Kelsey Olsen is Director of Enhanced Telecom at Quality Voice & Data.  Kelsey is responsible for the company’s telecom service offerings as well as the company’s telecom infrastructure.  Her team is passionate about assisting customers and ensuring their needs are being met.  Call Kelsey at [email protected] or 516-656-5122.