Director of Enhanced Telecom Services is Appointed

Kelsey Olsen

Quality Voice & Data, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of veteran employee Kelsey Olsen to the position of Director of Enhanced Telecom Services.  Kelsey will be responsible for the company’s telecom service offerings under the Quality Voice & Data brand as well as the company’s telecom infrastructure.

“We have a made a significant investment in our telecom infrastructure that included the installation of a feature rich Class 5 switch that will augment our existing Class 4 switch and network.  In addition the company has increased its underlying carrier network to include over 6 major diverse and redundant routes that include over 100,000 telephone numbers.  Operating a contact center in today’s environment requires the ability to deliver new application that go far beyond the ability to make and receive telephone calls. Enhanced Routing, SMS TXT, IVR, Automated DNC Collection systems, Click to Call and Enhanced Local Caller ID services are some of these new drivers” explains Dean Garfinkel, Principle.  “This installation is phase two following last year’s deployment of a best in class cloud-based Noble Systems dialer and the company’s PCI Level 1 certification.  The integration of these two environments gives us the ability to deliver contact center programs that maximizes every client contact” explains Garfinkel, Principal.

Kelsey has worked for Quality Contact Solutions for over 5 years as the Director of Back Office Operations.  With a background in the company’s Enhanced Local Caller ID offering, Kelsey brings the necessary breadth and depth of expertise to this new role.  Plus Kelsey has been involved in the planning and execution stages of the new deployments.

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